My name is Ramon Huser and I've been making models since I was a child. In 2009 I started flying model helicopters. My first models back then were a Logo 400 and later a 600 from Mikado. With these helicopters I taught myself everything from hovering to the first 3D figures and I was at the flying field almost every day. I started at the A.L.K. company as a team pilot, later I was also involved in building and setting up models. In 2015, Anton Laube approached me and asked if I would be interested in continuing the business. I've been a partner since 2015 and took over the business completely in 2022. Shortly after I joined the company, the first talks about taking over the SSM-Technik brand from Germany took place. So we initially only took over the mechanics and fuselages, and later the rest of the products as well. Over the years, our activity has shifted more and more from the a pure hobby shop into services and production. Other areas outside of the hobby, such as mold making and engraving, have become increasingly important. But to this day we have remained true to our beginnings as a classic hobby shop and continue to try to offer every hobbyist the best service.