Super glue low viscosity 50g long durability

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The superglue bonds almost all materials together and can be precisely dosed. Due to the transparent curing, the bond is almost invisible. Due to its composition, the adhesive is not suitable for model rigid foams such as Styrofoam, Styrodur, Arcel, Elapor, Solidpor, Hypodur, Z-Foam, Depron, Selitron, EPO, EPP or EPS, since these materials may be attacked in their structure. Commercially available activators (curing accelerators) in liquid form or as an aerosol can be used with this superglue.

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Product features

  • aging resistant
  • universally applicable
  • clear colourless liquid


  • ceramics
  • porcelain
  • metal
  • wood
  • leather
  • cardboard
  • plastic
  • rubber


The product should be protected from direct sunlight and heat. Excessive exposure to light discolors the product. Before processing, the unopened product should be brought to room temperature in order to optimize the adhesive power.


In ideal storage (dark and dry) to +15 °C, the shelf life is at least 12 months; for normal storage between +16 °C and +22 °C at least 6 months.


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