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The simple new way to apply lines of rivets to your model. With the 10m roll you can stick long lines of rivets without putting together smaller sheets. The spacing refers to the distance from the center of the rivets.

  • Band length: 1m or 10m (usable length approx.9.5m)
  • Thickness: about 0.03mm
  • Color: white (other colors on request)
  • Further diameters / spacing on request
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For the best effect, we recommend applying the Rivettape as the last step before painting. After the primer or filler. The surface should be grease and dust free. The rivets can then be overpainted with all standard 1- and 2-component paints.


Mark the beginning and end of the line of rivets on your part, preferably with a pencil. Then cut off a suitable piece of Rivettape. Make sure that you do not cut any rivets in half. At the beginning of a new roll there are no rivets for about 10cm.

If you have now cut the Rivettape to size, we recommend marking the middle of the line of rivets on the tape, this will make them easier to apply.


Carefully peel off the back of the tape, the rivets should now stick to the upper tape.

Now stick one end exactly on the previously marked start of the line of rivets. But only stick on the first few rivets and hold the rest of the tape over the part. Now you can stick on the rest of the rivets. Make sure to always keep the tape on tension. The marking on the component for the end of the rivet line helps you to stick the rivets straight on. If you don't hit the end exactly, you can remove the tape and correct the position as long as you don't wait too long.

Once the position is correct, press the rivets firmly and then carefully remove the tape. This is best done in a steep angle. It is also helpful to wait a few minutes before removing the tape.


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